Laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer is a special designed for laboratory experiments. This machine mainly includes: emulsifying pot, water pot, oil pot, vacuum pump, homogenizing, sweep wall stirring, electric lifting, control system. Mainly used in the production of food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical products.

1.the machine have three pot: emulsifying pot, water pot, oil pot

2. cover is automatic lift, Material in water pot and oil pot can be directly inhaled into emulsifier in vacuum through pipeline.

3. The heat conducting medium in the emulsifying pot is heated to heat the material. The heating temperature can be set arbitrarily and controlled automatically. The coolant body can be cooled by inserting cooling water into the interlayer. It is simple to operate. There is an insulating layer outside the jacket, which can prevent harm to human body because of the high temperature.

4. Homogeneous stirring and wall-hanging stirring can work separately through different controllers, and can choose to work at the same time. Material emulsification, mixing, dispersion, grinding and so on can be completed in a short time.

5.High quality stainless steel is used in the contact part with the material. The surface and interior are polished. The vacuum device is clean and sanitary. The machine meets GMP and CE standards. the laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is the most ideal laboratory mixer machine

The mixing forms of laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer include: homogeneous mixer, central blade mixer, sweep wall mixer, three mixing forms interact to form the best mixing state in order to achieve the most perfect mixing effect. The laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer uses the vacuum pumping to mix and stir, so that the material will not produce bubbles in the production process, so as to ensure the high quality of the products produced.

Material is continuously mixed in the laboratory vacuum emulsifying mixer by sweep wall stirring. Powder and liquid are effectively mixed and stirred. Then the material is sheared and mixed through the reverse stirring blade. Finally, the material is flowed into the high-speed homogenizer. Then the material is continuously run through the stator and rotor of the homogenizer. The material is mixed to 200nm~2um, emulsified and dispersed in a short time. At the same time, the vacuum pump can remove the air from the pot, so as to ensure that no air is mixed into the material. at last the lid of the pot is raised, and the material can be discharged out of the pot by pouring the pot body (or by opening the bottom valve to discharge the material).

used for:face cream, Vaseline, ointment, shampoo, cosmetics cream, detergent, liquid soap, tooth paste, mascara, Ultrasonic gel, Shoe polish, lotion, baby cream,  hair color cream, skin care product, facial cream, shower cream, shaving cream, cold cream, sunscreen cream, face cleanser, moisture cream, hair gel, skin cream, sauce, chocolate, cake gel, tomato paste, ketchup, tomatto sauce