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Explosion Proof Ligts – Atex

Explosion Proof Lights Atex Rated

Explosion proof lighting refers to lighting fixtures that are able to
contain sparks that could potentially ignite the flammable and
explosive gases in the atmosphere. Our all Explosion Proof Lights are Atex Certified as per compliance and we have all types of Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures


  • Mining applications: Mining and coal production & processing, gasoline dispensing and service stations, petroleum and chemical refineries, land drilling rigs and fuel depots
  • Marine applications: Petroleum and chemical transportation barges, offshore drilling rigs and platforms, oil and chemical tankers, shipyards, marinas, offshore supply vessels
  • Industrial applications: Water treatment plants, chemical rooms, power plants, grain processing and storage, paper and pulp mills, paint spray booths, refineries, solvent & cleaning areas and chemical manufacturing
  • Other applications: Government aircraft hangars and munition storage, aircraft maintenance, bulk handling and other facilities where ignitable concentrations of gases, liquids or vapors can exist

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