GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal

The GSM/PSTN terminal TLD SX01G8 is a both GSM/PSTN double router dialer . It is with 2RJ11 ports for PSTN and a phone port. It is specially designed for alarm system. If PSTN is cut off or failed. It will auto switch to GSM router.
The terminal is made up of high-performance industrial GSM module and watch dog, can work well over 10 million hours without failure. So it is your best choice for long time unattended operation environment.
It also supports remote check and control by SMS. It is very suitable for the place where there liability is highly required, such as a bank alarm system, a market alarm system and etc. It
supports high reliable CID protocol and all of other alarm protocols. The product has been OEM by a lots of alarm company

1) Two RJ11 ports .One for the PSTN line, another for the alarm host.
2) The GSM signal is very strong, even in weaker GSM signal place it can also sent out alarm signal quickly.
3) Watchdog is installed; the watchdog can automatically restart to insure the equipment not going to crash if it is abnormal.
4) If you send the SMS command message to the VIN201P terminal for check or remote control the equipment, you will receive automatically reply feedback about its working status in your mobile phone.. You don’t need to go to the working place to
check the device. It can auto send you a alarm SMS if the GSM signal is too weaker.
5) You will also receive a SMS if the device cannot dialing out because of lack of charge to the SIM card and etc.
6) Public interface fits to all alarm system hosts.


  • Air interface standard: GSM 900/1800/850/1900 MHz Phase 2+
  • Channel space: 200KHz
  • Sensitivity: -104dB
  • Peak power consumption: 2W
  • Operating environment requirements: Temperature: 0°C – +40°C Relative humidity: 45% – 90%
  • Connectors: SMA antenna connector (TNC optional)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Pka
  • Power consumption: static25 mA, emission≤ 500 mA
  • Antenna: Gain: 3.5dB (all directional) 12 dB(Certain/selection)
  • Power supply: o AC220V±10% 47-54Hz AC110V/60Hz( optional)
    o DC12V ( optional)



  • Product dimension: L 170x W112 x H28 mm
  • Gift box dimension: L 265x W170x H64mm
  • Weight: 12kg/gift box for 20pcs

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