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Homogenizer Mixer

Homogenizer Mixer

also called vacuum homogenizer machine, It’s the most advanced homogenizer machine and is especially suitable for making big batches of cream and emulsions with large quantity of powders

Key Features

  • Working capacity from 50L to 10000L
  • Suitable for cream and emulsion of 10,000~100,000cps viscosity
  • Perfect particle size of 2 micrometers and evenly distributed
  • External emulsifying and homogenizing by vertical type inline homogenizer with pipes
  • Complete process of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling in one unit
  • Double temperature probes and controllers for electrical heating in main vacuum homogenizer machine
  • Cooling system for mechanic seal inside the homogenizer for longer homogenizing time
  • The homogenizer also works as a transfer pump for discharging finished product
  • Contra mixing system of fixed impellers with holes and wall scraper
  • Outer anchor agitator has pipe design for enhanced mixing and good appearance
  • Variable speed for homogenizer and agitator
  • Oil hydraulic lifting system for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Double jackets for heating and cooling

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